Disappointed in other tanners?

I understand exactly what you’re going through…As a former personal trainer, I’ve used self tanners my whole life. So I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the BLOTCHY. After I had my daughter, I noticed that tanners I used in my early 20’s were suddenly turning out orange and streaky. They all got hung up on bumps, lumps, stretch marks, and cellulite that didn’t used to be there! Plus my glow would basically disappear within 2-3 days! When I set out to find a better tanner, I realized thousands of other women my age were noticing the same thing. At first, I had no idea what was going on, but thankfully, I was working with fitness models, dancers, and even a couple celebrities who depended on smooth, indestructible tans. They let me in on an industry secret: alcohol and perfume, which are in almost every self tanner on the market, is the true enemy of a natural, even glow!

I was shocked by this since alcohol helps the tan set right after application, and perfumes cover that sickening “tanner stank”. So I thought they were GOOD things! But even though those ingredients may not cause problems on young, perfect skin…they’re a disaster for natural lumps and bumps that come after 30. It turns out there are 100% healthy botanicals straight from Mama Nature that provide the exact same benefits, while also embracing the unique needs of real-babe bods, cellulite and all!So a truly flawless glow that lasts up to 11 days is possible, no matter your skin type! That’s why I made it my mission to create the world’s first self tanner specifically developed for 30+ skin. And now I want this in as many hands as possible…Because every babe deserves to flaunt, even if the beauty industry hasn’t caught up!

-real turbo babes, fake tans-



Happy Face Tan Serum

Turbo Babe LifeStyle

Happy Face Tan Serum

$35.00 $70.00

Vegan and streak-free face-tanning formula for women of all ages who want a beautiful tan, and happy & healthy skin!

Your face needs extra care. With our Happy Face Tan Serum with hyaluronic acid, you can ditch heavy foundations and bronzers & get a silk-smooth skin with a perfect sun-kissed look.

Smooth out and deeply hydrate rough patches, blur & moisturize fine lines, and never worry about getting orange streaks or clogged pores.



Big brands use certain ingredients to save money, but Alcohol and Perfume make you more flaky than your ex…What’s the last self-tanner you tried? You might have noticed a bunch of streaks, blotches and patches…or watched your glow disappear after just a couple of days. That’s why Totally Bangin uses ultra-hydrating sunflower oil, cocoa seed butter, cranberry, cucumber, rosehip, and vitamin E extracts instead….To maintain that healthy outer layer so you get a natural Mediterranean bronze finish that sticks around for up to 11 days.

We use the skin-loving alternative, glycols, which have the same antimicrobial and preservative benefits of alcohol, but attract and lock in moisture. We use the same ingredients found in baby lotions and medical grade moisturizers.+11 all-natural botanicals that plump and smooth, the skin instantly.

Featured product

Happy Neck

Turbo Babe LifeStyle

Happy Neck

$55.00 $110.00

Meet your new bestie, Happy Neck. 

Babe,  A dry, loose neck and creased chest can make you look much older than you are. It's time to change that.

Happy Neck By Turbo Babe Is the most advanced neck and chest formula on the market. With Powerful and unique combination of ingredients that targets wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of moisture in the neck and chest. Specially formulated for 30+ skin

Happy Neck reduces the signs of aging in the neck and chest area as it:

  • Lifts, tightens, and firms sagging skin
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deeply moisturizes