The Turbo Babe story begins with this simple question. Our founder, Carly Scott, a former personal trainer, has used self-tanners her whole life, willingly accepting to expose her skin to perfume and alcohol – the 2 main ingredients that can be found in most self-tanning products on the market.

It was not until she had her daughter, that she noticed that the tanners she used in her early twenties were no longer working for her: they were suddenly turning out orange and streaky. She couldn't get a nice, even, dark tone — all she was left with, was pumpkin-like skin; and her tanners got hung up on every imperfection, bump and lump on her body, that wasn't there before.

That's when she started looking for an answer. She wanted to know why she couldn’t get the same glow she used to have. It turns out, that thousands of other women are experiencing the exact same thing. The self-tanning industry holds a secret: these products contain alcohol, because it sets the tan right after application, and perfumes are just there to cover the unhealthy "tanner stink". Alcohol may help with setting the tan, but it dries out the skin which forces it to produce more oil to compensate and that then leads to clogged pores, breakouts, ugly streaks, and simply – a disaster.

After doing research, Carly decided to take things into her own hands and jump in where the tanning market hasn't caught up. Turbo Babe was born! Inspired by real female bodies, she turned to nature and designed a skin-loving, self-tanning formula that consists of more than eleven 100% healthy botanicals and glycols that can be found in baby lotions and medical-grade moisturizers. No harsh chemicals and no alcohol or perfume — the number one enemies of natural glow for mature skin and skin with imperfections. Real women want a real tan, even without the help of the sun.

Turbo Babe's mission is to embrace the unique needs of every skin, especially mature ones, and help every woman feel fantastic in their own glowy, plump, smooth, and tanned skin. Women across the globe who adore our natural tanner and feel great about themselves are our biggest compliment, and our biggest motivation to keep spreading awareness about natural tanning, and beautiful, bronze tans.

Thank you for being a part of our story! We're looking forward to many flawless, natural tans to come!

Much love, Turbo Babe